Sunday, September 12, 2010

HoPe...NeEd I sAy MoRe?

HoPe.......OhHhHhHhHh MaNnN!!! Just the thought makes me TIRED and CRAZY! You really never know how EXHAUSTING kids really are until you have them. With my HuSbAnD being gone so much I am really getting the FEEL of the single mom life...or so it seems! I do have to say that My little HoPe is a SMART little thing. Just today she MADE her own instant oatmeal...YEP she sure did! I was WORKING and I went to CHECK on her and she said "MoMmY I did it" Now usually that means something really really BAD has occured but today it was just a minor mess and a bowl full of blueberry oatmeal...warm from the microwave and all (kinda scary) but i'm a PROUD mAmA! Sometimes she THINKS of things I wish I would have THOUGHT of first...Today aMiLyAh was sorta CRANKY and HoPe got a big old necklace with bubbles attached to it and WAVED it in front of aMiLyAhS face and said "You are getting VERY VERY sleepy...Go to SLEEP" (repeated) It worked...she WATCHED the necklace go back and forth and it made her DROWSY...pretty sure she wasn't HYPNOTIZED.... but hey she stopped CRYING;) Now i've been having these horrible THOUGHTS of "why don't PeOpLe HYPNOTIZE their cHiLdReN??" Just think of it..we could help them LISTEN better, SLEEP better, EAT better etc! Maybe I should CREATE a cd or maybe I belong in prison for THINKING of such a thing...hmmmmm OH WELL!!! I still LOVE the idea of it BAD or not!


  1. We've been struggling at our house too so I don't think the hypnotizing is such a bad idea, it's better than freaking out on them I think. :)

  2. I am all for the hypnotizing! make a cd and i'll buy it for sure! :) my kids are good when it comes time for them to go to bed, but that's just b/c they are tuckered out from a day full of naughty-ness, i could definatley use it to get them to stop fighting...Oh,the fighting!