Saturday, September 18, 2010

1 800 Contacts is the BEST!

I just wanted to let all my readers (which consists of like 2 people) I know, I know, what am I too do with all these fans??? Anyways, I just wanted to let my 2 readers know that they or a family member or friends can win free contacts for life following this link...
Feel free to post this on your blog, my space, facebook etc! Since I am employed by 1800Contacts I can't enter the drawing (which stinks) but they are giving away prizes b/c they feel bad for us...YEP, I have to admit I am very very spoiled by my employer...I love working for the best company to work at in Utah;) Or at least in the top 5! Anyways, Using this link will help me to win stuff so click away and you could win too:)

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