Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WhY NoT wAnT ThE bEsT fOr EaCh OtHeR??

Twice in one week, is it a miracle??? I think so! The reason this miracle is happening and I am writing in twice in one week is because I have noticed something lately and I can't seem get it off my mind so I am going to share it....and hopefully get your opinions or some feedback!

My questions is...WHY can't people be happy for each other and want whats best for each other? It seems like everyone wants to be above everyone else and when someone is above you, you can't be happy for them and you can't be happy yourself until on top again?? WHY?? WHY?? WHY?? I don't understand this at all. Isn't that why we are here is to love one another? to follow the example of our savior? to lift and encourage each other? What if the savior was like that?? What if the savior wanted failure on all of us?? That would be terrible so why would anyone want it for anyone else? Oh and thank heavens our heavenly father was there for Christ in the garden of Gethsemane...where would we be if Jesus failed to follow through?? If heavenly father wasn't there for him during that time b/c he was too proud or jealous that it would give Christ too much attention....what would that have caused for us today? and with that in mind what have you caused in other peoples lives with choices you have made? I sure hope anyone who reads this asks themselves "do I do this? or have I done this? or something similar? and I hope the answer is YES b/c I think we are all guilty to a certain degree and I'm sure we all have been a victim of this or something similar as well.... we all have room for improvement. We can't change the world but we can change who we are and that will change something within our own little networks which will make a huge impact on those around us and our children....

I don't know...maybe this is stupid to some of you but to me this is something that really is important to me. I think our potential in "PERFECT" but so many of us act this way now and don't realize it's only making us all so competitive with one another. So rather than waste time competing lets use that time to build each other, after all the lord gives us each our own weaknessess for a reason, which is a good thing!


  1. So True! Thanks for posting this. I always feel like I'm not doing enough and everyone else has a perfect life. I need to just be happy that I am doing my best and not worry about how other people are accomplishing more than I am.

  2. I don’t think I am like this or I hope not. I am always happy for my friends or family when thy get something. If it is something that I have wanted then I think about how I can save and get it but I don’t believe that I make them feel belittled or that I’m not happy for them. You would be able to tell me if I have ever made you feel this way? I will start to watch my self and see if I do this or not. I think every one is on a different level one of my friends can be rich and one poor and I still love each of them and love to spend time with them. I know that when I go out with friends or with Shane to dinner I try and look my best but I don’t want the other person thinking that I am trying to out do them or anything like this, I just want to look good so I feel good about my self. So if that person is upset or thinking that I am trying to out do them then that is there own problem with them selves. You ultimately need to love your self and believe in yourself, be thankful for what you do have and what you don’t have. Just because you want a big house or a new nice car or truck dose not mean it is the best thing for you. Stop trying to out do the Jones and live the best life you can, one that will make you happy and be pleasing to the lord. Sorry, I’m done I will get off my soap box :)

  3. Dorinda, YES! This is something I have noticed as well, and it does drive me CRAZY! I am BY NO MEANS saying I have never done this...but I don't think it is something at the top of my list of things to work on. I think I am pretty happy for most peoples accomplishments and gains. One of the things that I think is the problem is that people put value on the wrong things. We see people with big houses or nice cars or whatever as being successful. Is that what Heavenly Father would judge our success on..how big our house is? Certainly not. One of my VERY favotie new quotes is one from Sister Beck(the general RS president)she said it in last April conference. I posted it on FB and put it on my blog with in the hour of her saying it b/c it hit a strong cord with me,

    "Peace, Joy, and Hope are available to those who measure sucess properly."~Julie B. Beck

    It is that simple. Am I working hard to impress other ppl? Or am I working hard to please my Heavenly Father? Am I jealous and bitter about ppls success with money? Or even other types of sucesses? Why? How come success is measured in MONEY?? That's the worlds way, not the Lords. I am just like anybody else, I wish to be a little richer at times (ok, most times) But I hope I don't try to drag others down just because they may be gaining more than me. I have made some mistakes in my life. One of them is in the area of schooling. I guess I should have went to school so i could provide more for my family money wise..but I didn't. If I am being honest, sometimes I do get a wee bit jealous that so and so has had a better education that me. But at the end of it all, it's really my own fault anyway. This has been rather rambling, Sorry!! Thanks for your post, keeps me in check! love ya!

  4. I also notice that sometimes ppl don't want to compliment other ppl, it somehow makes them feel "less than" this is something i have never understood.

  5. We are always on the same page Carrie, Only you word things much much better than me..you have a talent! Thanks for your comments everyone...glad to know i'm not alone on these feelings:)