Sunday, September 26, 2010

NOT in the MOOD to BLOG!

I am going to be honest....I am NOT in a blogging mood AT ALL! I am actually more in the mood to sleep but I made a promise to myself and others that I would stick to my Sunday night blogging. So since I am not in the mood to blog this is going to be short but sweet...

So my little baby Mia (Amilyah) ate her first bananas...Well her first food period! I can't believe she is already six months! She has been eyeing my food for awhile now so I figured what the heck...she only had a couple bites and loved it but then got sick of it really fast and started screaming...

I think she really didn't know what to think! Anytime someone new talks to her or we go somewhere unfamiliar her bottom lip starts coming out and slowly she gets louder and louder. She was the same way with the very cute but sorta sad!

I told you it would be SHORT and it doesn't get any sweeter than bananas! or does it???

While I was busy taking pictures of Johns birthday, I got snap happy and wasn't paying attention to my surroundings or my 3yr old. Well this is what my 3 yr old was up too... do you see that little hand sneaking up in my picture trying to feed my baby smashed up birthday cake :/ just gotta love her!!!


  1. don't even talk to me about NOT being in the mood to blog....I am so out of the mood it's going to take A LOT to get me back...hopefully soon! :) we'll see tho. i agree w/ beth, your girls are cuter than cute. i am glad i am not the only one who freaked about my kids eating certian things. not ONE bite of b-day cake until they had their 1st b-day. also, i waited till they were 6 mo. to start on solids. a lot of parents do it around 4 mo...or wherever they just feel like it, but i read up on it and dr.'s reccomendations are to wait till they are 6 mo. so i did. and not one day sooner. talk about OCD...LOL!