Sunday, October 3, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty!

So here I go again with Sunday night blogging... and i'm still not in the mood!

I don't really have much to blog about because i'm alone all week and nothing exciting ever really happens in my life these days so i'm blogging about CATS! HAHA!!! I know it sounds dumb but I really owe this to kitty #3 in my story.

The other day at the zoo we were walking along and looking at animals (go figure)...Well the Zoo to me is actually sorta boring and depressing but having little ones you just gotta suck it up and go...right mama's? So we saw all the animals ALL THE SAME ANIMALS I SWEAR SINCE I WAS 5...I've been to this zoo a million times and nothing ever really changes and nothing exciting ever happens...I kinda wanted the elephants to get out or something for a little adventure... Not really but sorta;) So we were looking at animals and we hear the HUGE SCARY ROOOARRRRRR...It send shivers up my spine but then I forgot about it and we continued on....walking along we approach the BIG CATS... We stopped at the Linx and a zoo worker was there so I started asking her if anyone gets to touch the animals (hoping she would tell me an exciting attack story or something) but big suprise nothing exciting ever happens at UTAHS Hogle Zoo! Then we continued to the TIGERS... First of all I just want to say they are so BEAUTIFUL and the they provided the most entertainment. They were fighting each other...well playing but fighting sounds more serious and dramatic so we will stick with fighting. John and I were the first to see them then gradually more and more were coming and before we knew it we were stuck in a huge croud of people taking picture and video taping....a photographer even came running to get a was pretty stinking cool if I do say so myself! Just the sound that comes from them is amazing and seeing how much their paws are and how they move...very intersting BUT... thats as exciting as it gets at Utah's Hogle Zoo... DARN IT!!! Oh well, Hope had fun!!!

The day after the zoo I had a HORRIBLE experience. I was driving and off in my own world thinking about who know what when all of a sudden I see this thing in front of me...this white animal ran right under my car. It was TERRIBLE...I KILLED A KITTY!!!! I felt so bad the entire night and here I am the next morning blogging about it:( The worst part of it all was that I saw it and knew it was happening...rather than just hearing the thump thump... OH POOR KITTY! Hope now thinks her mother is a kitty killer and was so worried I was going to kill her favoite kitty in the world (aunt Tami's kitty). So I dedicate this post to the poor little kitty that I squished and in peace little kitty:)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

NOT in the MOOD to BLOG!

I am going to be honest....I am NOT in a blogging mood AT ALL! I am actually more in the mood to sleep but I made a promise to myself and others that I would stick to my Sunday night blogging. So since I am not in the mood to blog this is going to be short but sweet...

So my little baby Mia (Amilyah) ate her first bananas...Well her first food period! I can't believe she is already six months! She has been eyeing my food for awhile now so I figured what the heck...she only had a couple bites and loved it but then got sick of it really fast and started screaming...

I think she really didn't know what to think! Anytime someone new talks to her or we go somewhere unfamiliar her bottom lip starts coming out and slowly she gets louder and louder. She was the same way with the very cute but sorta sad!

I told you it would be SHORT and it doesn't get any sweeter than bananas! or does it???

While I was busy taking pictures of Johns birthday, I got snap happy and wasn't paying attention to my surroundings or my 3yr old. Well this is what my 3 yr old was up too... do you see that little hand sneaking up in my picture trying to feed my baby smashed up birthday cake :/ just gotta love her!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Being alone too long isn't good...

So being alone does strange things to me....and being alone for long periods of time does even stranger things.Now most of you know I am a NEAT FREAK as it is but being home alone I am full on Obsessive compulsive(yes, I have spoken to a doctor about it) It's exhausting and I HATE IT but when I am home alone for some reason it is intensified and out of control. So I started with some simple cleaning, I got done and it wasn't good enough, I needed more...So I decided maybe if I change just one wall it will satisfy this crave for perfection that was tormenting me at the moment. Being so focused on that one wall and changing it 500 times and leaving a million holes (which my husband isn't too thrilled about) I finally realized I hate my decor so I was going to have to take from other walls and areas to really mix things up and make them look better....not realizing as I'm taking things that I am actually leaving holes in other places that I'd have to fill later....

So here it is...the one wall I wanted to change so badly...nothing special (I'm not very good at decorating) But I do enjoy it and I try:) I am hoping to get better the more I do it..??? Or does that even happen? It seems like some people are just gifted. So anyways, after I finished I turned and notice the empty spots...I looked at the clock and couldn't believe 3 hours passed...but I dove in for more...

This one was quick and really simple...luckily it didn't take long so I felt okay to keep going after I finished...FYI: I DID neglect my kids a little bit...sorry babies (I wasn't kidding when I said I am OCD) I know people joke but it's really not a joke...I was a horrible mommy this day.... but on the other hand Hope was right next to me telling me everything looked beautiful...and she would hand me the hammer when I needed it, the baby slept most the time! So moving right along ( I actually changed more in the kitchen but didn't want to post all the pictures ( I actually really HATE my kitchen and can't wait to have my dream kitchen when we move)! Onto the living room....

This really wasn't fun at all....I wanted to stop and be done but everything was such a mess...I was hating myself at about this point. Yes these are old pictures of Hope...I need updated ones of both my girls! This took forever b/c that stupid rod thing is heavy and for the life of me I can't hang a picture it really that hard?? Ugh it drives me nuts!

This wall is at the top of my entertainment center...the worst one of all but I got it done! Now the problem I faced 12hrs later and still face now is that I have two empty walls in my living room and absolutely no more decor...whats a girl to do???...hehehe SHOPPING!!! But it's going to have to wait:( And to top it all off ...I am sick of it already and actually don't like the change....I think it's time to just change homes!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

1 800 Contacts is the BEST!

I just wanted to let all my readers (which consists of like 2 people) I know, I know, what am I too do with all these fans??? Anyways, I just wanted to let my 2 readers know that they or a family member or friends can win free contacts for life following this link...
Feel free to post this on your blog, my space, facebook etc! Since I am employed by 1800Contacts I can't enter the drawing (which stinks) but they are giving away prizes b/c they feel bad for us...YEP, I have to admit I am very very spoiled by my employer...I love working for the best company to work at in Utah;) Or at least in the top 5! Anyways, Using this link will help me to win stuff so click away and you could win too:)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WhY NoT wAnT ThE bEsT fOr EaCh OtHeR??

Twice in one week, is it a miracle??? I think so! The reason this miracle is happening and I am writing in twice in one week is because I have noticed something lately and I can't seem get it off my mind so I am going to share it....and hopefully get your opinions or some feedback!

My questions is...WHY can't people be happy for each other and want whats best for each other? It seems like everyone wants to be above everyone else and when someone is above you, you can't be happy for them and you can't be happy yourself until on top again?? WHY?? WHY?? WHY?? I don't understand this at all. Isn't that why we are here is to love one another? to follow the example of our savior? to lift and encourage each other? What if the savior was like that?? What if the savior wanted failure on all of us?? That would be terrible so why would anyone want it for anyone else? Oh and thank heavens our heavenly father was there for Christ in the garden of Gethsemane...where would we be if Jesus failed to follow through?? If heavenly father wasn't there for him during that time b/c he was too proud or jealous that it would give Christ too much attention....what would that have caused for us today? and with that in mind what have you caused in other peoples lives with choices you have made? I sure hope anyone who reads this asks themselves "do I do this? or have I done this? or something similar? and I hope the answer is YES b/c I think we are all guilty to a certain degree and I'm sure we all have been a victim of this or something similar as well.... we all have room for improvement. We can't change the world but we can change who we are and that will change something within our own little networks which will make a huge impact on those around us and our children....

I don't know...maybe this is stupid to some of you but to me this is something that really is important to me. I think our potential in "PERFECT" but so many of us act this way now and don't realize it's only making us all so competitive with one another. So rather than waste time competing lets use that time to build each other, after all the lord gives us each our own weaknessess for a reason, which is a good thing!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

HoPe...NeEd I sAy MoRe?

HoPe.......OhHhHhHhHh MaNnN!!! Just the thought makes me TIRED and CRAZY! You really never know how EXHAUSTING kids really are until you have them. With my HuSbAnD being gone so much I am really getting the FEEL of the single mom life...or so it seems! I do have to say that My little HoPe is a SMART little thing. Just today she MADE her own instant oatmeal...YEP she sure did! I was WORKING and I went to CHECK on her and she said "MoMmY I did it" Now usually that means something really really BAD has occured but today it was just a minor mess and a bowl full of blueberry oatmeal...warm from the microwave and all (kinda scary) but i'm a PROUD mAmA! Sometimes she THINKS of things I wish I would have THOUGHT of first...Today aMiLyAh was sorta CRANKY and HoPe got a big old necklace with bubbles attached to it and WAVED it in front of aMiLyAhS face and said "You are getting VERY VERY sleepy...Go to SLEEP" (repeated) It worked...she WATCHED the necklace go back and forth and it made her DROWSY...pretty sure she wasn't HYPNOTIZED.... but hey she stopped CRYING;) Now i've been having these horrible THOUGHTS of "why don't PeOpLe HYPNOTIZE their cHiLdReN??" Just think of it..we could help them LISTEN better, SLEEP better, EAT better etc! Maybe I should CREATE a cd or maybe I belong in prison for THINKING of such a thing...hmmmmm OH WELL!!! I still LOVE the idea of it BAD or not!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Facebook V.S Blogging

I just don't understand! Really..What is it about FACEBOOK that we all love so much?? I think BLOGS are much more darling to look at but lets face the fact that FACEBOOK is a good way to reconnect with those we love, miss and a great way to get to know each other much better! But I am a woman of my word and some of you i'm sure saw on FACEBOOK the deal I made with Kylee to update our BLOGS every Sunday night...If anyone wants to join our deal for motivation PLEASE do so :)
I failed last sunday to update my BLOG because I started thinking.... who is going to see it anyways??? But I decided I don't care..I'm going to do it for me. I am at a major turning point in my life and have some major decisions ahead of me and I think it's a good way to reconnect to myself. To make a long story short..I"m blogging for myself, to help me realize who I am? Who I want to be? and what I am capable of becoming! Dumb??? Oh well...Like I said I am doing for ME:)