Sunday, October 3, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty!

So here I go again with Sunday night blogging... and i'm still not in the mood!

I don't really have much to blog about because i'm alone all week and nothing exciting ever really happens in my life these days so i'm blogging about CATS! HAHA!!! I know it sounds dumb but I really owe this to kitty #3 in my story.

The other day at the zoo we were walking along and looking at animals (go figure)...Well the Zoo to me is actually sorta boring and depressing but having little ones you just gotta suck it up and go...right mama's? So we saw all the animals ALL THE SAME ANIMALS I SWEAR SINCE I WAS 5...I've been to this zoo a million times and nothing ever really changes and nothing exciting ever happens...I kinda wanted the elephants to get out or something for a little adventure... Not really but sorta;) So we were looking at animals and we hear the HUGE SCARY ROOOARRRRRR...It send shivers up my spine but then I forgot about it and we continued on....walking along we approach the BIG CATS... We stopped at the Linx and a zoo worker was there so I started asking her if anyone gets to touch the animals (hoping she would tell me an exciting attack story or something) but big suprise nothing exciting ever happens at UTAHS Hogle Zoo! Then we continued to the TIGERS... First of all I just want to say they are so BEAUTIFUL and the they provided the most entertainment. They were fighting each other...well playing but fighting sounds more serious and dramatic so we will stick with fighting. John and I were the first to see them then gradually more and more were coming and before we knew it we were stuck in a huge croud of people taking picture and video taping....a photographer even came running to get a was pretty stinking cool if I do say so myself! Just the sound that comes from them is amazing and seeing how much their paws are and how they move...very intersting BUT... thats as exciting as it gets at Utah's Hogle Zoo... DARN IT!!! Oh well, Hope had fun!!!

The day after the zoo I had a HORRIBLE experience. I was driving and off in my own world thinking about who know what when all of a sudden I see this thing in front of me...this white animal ran right under my car. It was TERRIBLE...I KILLED A KITTY!!!! I felt so bad the entire night and here I am the next morning blogging about it:( The worst part of it all was that I saw it and knew it was happening...rather than just hearing the thump thump... OH POOR KITTY! Hope now thinks her mother is a kitty killer and was so worried I was going to kill her favoite kitty in the world (aunt Tami's kitty). So I dedicate this post to the poor little kitty that I squished and in peace little kitty:)